Custom WordPress Development

WordPress is an awesome powerful Content Management System. So much so that it powers over a third of the websites on the internet. There's a huge ecosystem of themes and plugins (like apps for Wordpress), however there is only so far you can get with an off the shelf theme and a bunch of plugins. Often you'll end up creating something that is slow, bloated, hard to manage and doesn't perform for both your users and search engines.

Off the shelf themes and plugins often have to cater for many different scenarios and use cases they end up being complex to use, and full of extra code that isn't needed which can make things run slowly.

I can help you build exactly what you need with WordPress, using a ground up approach consisting of discovery, design, development and management. The end result will be a great looking website, built just for you that is easy to use, stress free to maintain and performant.
There are many different sites you can build with WordPress from a simple landing page, a blog, e-commerce sites, learning management systems, membership and subscription based sites, business directories and much more. Chances are if it runs on the web, you can build it with WordPress.

The Process


I need to get to know both you and your business, your goals, your competitors and what you want to achieve with your website.

Design & Development

I'll then get to work building out your website. I use industry standard best practices and all my coding conforms to WordPress coding standards.


Just like you need to service your car, your website needs regular maintenance too. I'll take care of this so you can focus on what you do best..

Let's get started

Do you want to find out how a custom build WordPress website can help your business?