Phil Hollett Gallery

Project goal

Phil Hollett Gallery is the business behind a popular photographer based in the South West region of Western Australia.

Phil has a local gallery and wanted to reach a broader market by offering his products for sale online.

The project presented a number of challenges, firstly WooCommerce and most associated themes are based around selling things rather than images. So the UX challenge was to make it look more like a gallery and less like eBay.

Each image has a number of ways it can be offered for sale, it can be printed on a variety of mediums of which may be able to be framed or not. The different mediums affected the weight of the product and also the shipping class of the product.

It was also a requirement to preview the frame on the product page


A WooCommerce theme was developed from the ground up using a combination of PHP, Javascript, Bootstrap 4 and SASS. The front end was developed using a masonry grid and modified to look more like a gallery than a traditional shop.

A custom interface was built for the product page to display the various ways an image can be offered for sale and preview different framing options.

Behind the scenes customisation was done to the way products weights and shipping is calculated as well as being able to control which shipping zones and classes variations of a product are available to be shipped to.

For example prints can be shipped internationally, but a framed print can't, so the shipping class needs to be updated dynamically depending on the variation of the product.

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