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Skinvigor8 sells a cosmetic product that reduces and helps eliminate wrinkles. I was hired to create a fresh new e-commerce site.

Areas of particular importance to this project were developing a better system to handle customer reviews (the default WooCommerce reviews system is a bit crap) and also to offer a simple rewards system to give loyal customers a voucher after a number of purchased items over a period of time.


A new WooCommerce theme was builtfrom the ground up using Bootstrap 4, PHP and SASS.

I got rid of the stock review system and built out a new one that displays the reviews more prominently on the front end as well as developing an easier an more efficient way to get quality reviews from the customer.

Behind the scenes the new reviews section had to take into account the structured data scheme for SEO purposes. (

Taking care of the customer loyalty program posed an additional challenge, in that all of the available extensions seem to be based around rewards points system, and all of the Buy X get X free extensions don't take into account order history. The solution was to roll my own.

As I do with all WooCommerce builds, the admin area was tidied up and made more usable, along with adding in my own order fulfillment and tracking notification solution.

Anyone that has used WooCommerce and WordPress will know it can be a bit hard to navigate. I built a distraction free dashboard to make it cleaner and easier to use, as well as added a bunch of Videos showing the store operators how to achieve various daily tasks.

Outbound transactional emails are handled by AWS SES for maximum deliverability and the site was deployed to a Cloudways VPS making it a fast, reliable robust little site.

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