Thankyou Coupons for WooCommerce

Encourage loyalty and repeat purchases by offering a personalised coupon code on the checkout thankyou page.

The checkout thankyou page is often neglected as a place for encouraging re-engagement to drive conversions, however it is a perfect place as the customer is only two clicks away from completing another purchase!

Even if customers don't use the coupon themselves, they will often send it through to a friend, gaining you a new customer.

The current features are :

  • Generate a personalised coupon based on the customers billing first name
  • Choose between a percentage or fixed cart amount discount
  • Allow free shipping
  • Usage per user and per coupons
  • Disallow the coupon to be used in conjunction with other offers
  • Set a coupon expiry date
  • Set your own personalised message to appear on the thankyou page
  • Choose the color of the coupon to match your theme

This plugin is available for free on the plugin repository, you can get it here or by searching for Thankyou Coupons for WooCommerce in Plugins on your site.

A premium version is in the works, with more options for coupon styling, the ability to email the code to a friend, and another feature that I am keeping under my hat for now!

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