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I've been using and developing for WordPress since the version 1.0 release in 2004. I've seen many of the common pitfalls people have fallen into and I've also come to understand why some businesses have a bad time with it, and how to make sure they don't!

I know WordPress inside out, I know what it takes to make it fast, secure and stable, and most of all stress free for businesses.

Custom Themes and Plugins

WordPress is a great content management systems and what makes it such a great and popular platform is it's extensibility, and with that comes some problems.

Quite often trying to put together a solution using ready made themes and plugins lands you in trouble, it can introduce performance overhead and security risk, and sometimes the solution you are trying to find simply doesn't exist out of the box.

A custom built solution avoids the pitfalls of a cobbled together approach and will better suit your business goals.

Maintainence Plans

Keep your WordPress site fast, safe and secure with a monthly management and maintainence plan.

Your website is an important part of your business and needs to be looked after. A monthly maintainence and management plan allows you to focus on what you do best, running your business. No more stressing over security issues, backups or software updates, I take care of all of that for you with the skills and experience only a developer can provide

Daily Cloud backups
Security monitoring
Performance testing and review
Software Updates
Disaster recovery planning

Performance and Security Audits

Are you having issues with slow page load speeds, emails from your contact form bouncing, your visitors getting security warnings, or other weird issues you can't fix? Need someone to take a look at it for you and figure out what is going on?

I'll go over everything from your WordPress configuration to your hosting environment and compile a detailed report with recommended actions.

Theme performance review
Plugin performance review
WordPress configuration review
Page weight and load speed testing
Security testing
Email deliverability

Cloud Migration and Consulting

How you host your WordPress application is a big factor in performance and security, and these days your generic hosting provider just doesn't cut it.

I can help you plan and deploy a purpose built cloud based WordPress environment tailored to your needs, ensuring you get maximum value from your hosting spend.

WordPress optimised cloud hosting
Content Delivery Networks
Automatic failover
Automated daily backups

Woocommerce Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp is a great low cost way to keep in touch with your customers, however many people don't use it to its full potential and just use it to blast out an email every now and again.

Mailchimp is much more than just an email marketing platform, it has some great features for e-commerce integration as well as becoming your platform for managing your social advertising.

If you are running a Woocommerce site, having Mailchimp set up really is a must have.

Abandonned cart recovery
Product recommendations
Custom order notifications
Product retargeting campaigns

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