WordPress Management Services

Your website is a living thing! Well not really, it is a collection of pieces of software that work together to create what you know as your website, but it changes all the time.

Like the apps on your phone the software that makes up your website is continually developed and needs to be updated regularly. Software development is a continuous process. So just because something is ok today doesn’t mean that it will be fine tomorrow.

I'm guessing you've got better things to do than have to worry about things like website backups, security patches, server configuration and performance.

What's involved

Offsite backups
Up time monitoring
Plugin updates
Core updates
Malware scanning
Staging server cloning
Performance optimisation
License management
Server optimisation
Visual inspection
Minor tweaks & changes

Let's get started

Not every site is the same, so the frequency and the work required will vary. For instance a busy e-commerce website will require twice daily backups and fortnightly plugin updates, whereas a blog or brochure style website will only require daily backups and monthly updates.

The first step involves a full site audit in which I'll generate a complete report outlining the current state of the technical aspects of your website and hosting and a management plan going forward.